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Four Pictures of October

16 October 2010 | Category: Nature

Trees burst with fire-orange leaves into the cool blue sky.

Autumn is the most vivid season. That's clear enough from the colors, but the visuals are just a veneer on what we actually feel. Autumn is the crisp bite in the air each October dawn. It's the smell of apple pie in the oven, the taste of sweet squash, the loud crunch of leaves crumbling underfoot. You can't experience October in Wisconsin with a photograph. You have to go out and live it. Who knows what you'll find...

A Tuft of Deep Red Leaves against the Blue Sky Bones washed up among the leaves beside a small stream. Leaves of every color at the edge of a Wisconsin forest.
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Nodding Trillium

2 May 2010 | Category: Nature

A white three-petaled flower tilted toward the ground.

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Memories of Summer

29 January 2010 | Category: Nature

Three lavender Asters blossom out of a tangle of green leaves which rise over a rocky surface.

I went for a walk this morning. It was -6° Fahrenheit. As I've stated before, I like the cold. Even so, I couldn't help but think back longingly to summer as I hurried down State Street, my fingers turning a rather pretty shade of blue. Summer was just a few months ago, but it seems as though it was a different world. We dressed differently, we spent our time differently, we saw entirely different scenes outside our doors. I took the photograph above on August 31. The pretty scene disguises a greater adventure, for to get that shot I had to hike a few miles, climb some tall rocks, and balance awkwardly with one foot on a steep slope, holding my camera overhead at just the right angle to cut past the weeds towards the lovely Asters you see. I realized later that these flowers were everywhere, and that I could have just taken a picture of them in someone's flowerbed — but summer wouldn't have been nearly as fun if I'd just stayed home.

The same thought applies to winter. It is easy on these frigid days of January to think back fondly to August, but I can't honestly say that winter is any less beautiful. Indeed, some places that are rather ugly in summer become quite aesthetic under a freshly fallen layer of snow. I could never spend winter hiding indoors waiting for the warm weather to return, because I would miss too much. Going through winter without admiring the ice and frost would be like passing the summer without appreciating flowers or thunderstorms. The joy of living in a place like Wisconsin is that we get to pass through all these remarkable worlds just by staying put.

Slender ice crystals coat the branches of a tree like feathers.

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A Frosty Morning in January

20 January 2010 | Category: Nature

The hills are bare but for snowdrifts, while the forested valley shimmers, the treetops coated with ice.

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The Oak Tree

31 August 2009 | Category: Nature

I took a picture of the Oak Tree...

A crooked oak limb with clusters of bright green leaves rises into the clear sky. you can join me in the shade.

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