About Acceity

The author's shadow cast over a small stream.

Shadows and Reflections: A Self Portrait.

Acceity is a personal web journal about language, creativity, society, media, technology, nature, history, humor, and sundry other topics of no obvious relation to one another. This page is about Acceity.

The Name

Acceity (pronounced ak·SEE·it·ee; IPA: /æk'siːəti/) is my own neologism (it’s a made up word), and it is purposefully without definition. Feel free to find your own meaning among the letters. The word is loosely inspired from the medieval term haecceity, itself a corruption of the Latin haecceitas, or “thisness.” The term haecceity was coined by philosopher Duns Scotus, and it refers to the qualities or traits of a thing which make it that particular thing and not anything else.

The Author

My name is Joshua Wachuta. I am from rural southwest Wisconsin and I am currently a graduate student in history at Loyola University Chicago. I’ve previously worked several years with the Wisconsin Historical Society and provided web design and support to the Fort Crawford Museum in Wisconsin and the band Yellow Ostrich in New York. The views presented at this site are entirely my own and they are neither endorsed by nor representative of any clients, associates, teachers, or employers.

If you would like to contact me for any reason, please email acceity@textgmail.com.